Agnes & Mick

Published - 8th Sep 2022

It was really comfortable to have him wandering around the guests performing his magic and chatting to us all.  The tricks were excellent and very professional.
It was a big surprise for everyone and they ALL loved it,  even the staff were looking forward to it so I got him to do a little trick for them too ha ha!
Lots of us have kept our trinkets from the tricks and they are such good talking points as well as lovely keepsakes.   I was too busy enjoying the moment to take photos myself.
Tom’s performance completed a very happy day for our family.  I made him text me when he got home safe after travelling all that way,  you’ve got to look out for good people right!
Tom thoroughly entertained us and left us smiling and in awe of how he done the magic… Of course we all tried Googling it the next day  but we are still puzzling over them and still smiling at the memories.
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