LIFE UPDATE – Cruise ship, Virgin Voyages

Published - 16th Mar 2024

Tom Rose’s talent transcends borders as he enchants audiences on an international scale.

In 2024, he took his captivating performances to new heights as the resident magician for Virgin Voyages.

The Scarlet Lady cruise ship is the flagship vessel of Virgin Voyages, a cruise line founded by British entrepreneur Richard Branson. Launched in 2020, the Scarlet Lady marks the beginning of Virgin Voyages’ foray into the cruise industry, with a fresh and innovative approach.

In June 2023, Tom found himself in the picturesque setting of Palma Nova, Spain, where he was performing at a wedding, enchanting guests with his magical talents. Little did he know that later that evening, his life would take an unexpected turn. As the celebrations wound down, Tom received an unexpected call that would change everything – an invitation to fly across the Atlantic to Miami, Florida, to embark on a new and exciting journey. With anticipation in his heart and a sense of adventure in his soul, Tom eagerly accepted the opportunity, ready to embrace the possibilities that awaited him in the vibrant city of Miami.

For two exhilarating weeks in Orlando, Florida, Tom found himself immersed in a whirlwind of creativity and collaboration. Teaming up with Virgin Voyages’ visionary directors and creative minds, he delved into the exciting world of theatre production. Together, they poured their passion and expertise into crafting an original and captivating theatre show, destined to dazzle audiences aboard the cruise line. With each rehearsal, Tom felt the thrill of bringing their collective vision to life, knowing that their creation would soon take centre stage, captivating and delighting guests on their unforgettable voyage.

As the curtains close on his time with Virgin Voyages, Tom sets his sights on a dynamic future. Currently filming in London, creating captivating content for an array of exciting projects, he’s expanding his reach and reputation. Alongside, he’s keen to further establish himself as the go-to entertainer for weddings and corporate events, adding magic to every occasion. With unwavering drive, Tom embraces the journey ahead, poised to captivate audiences worldwide.

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